Activity: Building a gingerbread house

Difficulty levelMedium
StageEarly and middle
Duration1 hour +
Caregiver assistanceRecommended
BenefitsPromotes creativity Promotes spatial awareness Maintains fine motor skills Promotes creativity and self-realization

How to do it?

This activity really brings out the creativity in people. The goal is to build a gingerbread house by gluing (the edible) elements together. Provide assistance where needed. However, also give your loved one the creative freedom to build the little house as he/she imagines it. Everything is allowed and correct. Encourage and praise individual actions without judging them. We recommend placing the finished result somewhere visible on a table or a side-board and encourage you to revert to your fun experience every once in a while. Also, don’t forget to take a picture of you guys assembling the house for your Memory Box!

What do I need?

For the sake of simplicity and you being able to immerse yourself in the experience with your loved one, we recommend to get yourself a ready-made gingerbread house kit out of the box that just requires assembly:

If you are an avid baker please feel free to go ahead and create the house yourself (but be aware, it is about the joint experience not about winning architectural design awards…)

Please pay attention to

Please pay attention to any allergies, please check with the primary caregiver beforehand. If the house should be eaten, make sure that only persons without swallowing difficulties do so.