Activity: holiday market visit

Difficulty levelMedium
StageEarly and middle
Duration1 hour +
Caregiver assistanceRecommended
BenefitsMaintains communication skills Maintains visual perception Promotes concentration Leads to satisfaction through participation Maintains self-esteem

How to do it?

This activity gets you and your loved one outdoors! A holiday market visit can be an atmospheric and immersive experience: The smell of mulled wine and roasted almonds, decorated squares and festive decorations. Also it brings you and your loved one closer together and creates nice memories. Please announce this “big event” some time ahead of actually going and make sure on the day of the activity that ideally no other disruptive events take place. Ideally you can prepare your visit with some pictures ( or videos ( If possible plan your visit by picking 2-3 stops and set yourself a time limit. Hold on tight to your loved one: in a crowded space we recommend you being physically close to each other, so your loved one always feels guided and guarded. During your visit, we encourage you to take a few selfies with your loved one that can be added to your Memory Box.

A few holiday markets you could have a look at:

What do I need?

Warm clothing and warm shoes, cushions (so as not to sit cold). Camera or smartphone for pictures

Please pay attention to

It is important to not overdo it. Pay attention to the signals of your loved one. If this/these seems nervous, unrelaxed or pulls itself back very much then the attendance on the holiday market shows up with too many stimuli occupied. At this point, the way home should be started. If your loved one feels well, then every wish can be followed. If alcohol is consumed, consult your doctor. If alcohol may be consumed, e.g. mulled wine, then please only in moderation. Alcohol consumption delays cognitive perception, which is limited by dementia. Please adhere to local COVID-related guidelines when visiting public places.