Activity: View a photo album

Difficulty levelEasy
DurationUp to 30 minutes
Caregiver assistanceRecommended
BenefitsPreservation of independence and self-esteem. Activation of memories and experiences Awakens emotions and enables participation

How to do it?

Photo albums bring back memories and stimulate your loved one’s cognitive functions.

Start by creating a pleasant atmosphere in a well-heated, quiet room. It is crucial that your loved one does not start the activity with a high-stress level.

If possible, create an upright sitting position for your loved one.

The activity is to look at the photo album together. Let your loved one turn the pages independently if possible which strengthens self-esteem and promotes satisfaction.

When talking about the photos, do not ask open-ended questions. Yes or no questions help the person concentrate better and keep them in the conversation.

What do I need?

Photo album, picture book, or Goldacare Memory Box.

Please pay attention to

Just have fun! If any picture triggers an unpleasant reaction, move on to the next one and consider taking images out.